Nungu Diamonds (Pty) Ltd is a South African licensed natural diamond manufacturer, private polished diamond retailer and bespoke diamond jewellery brand. We provide a wide range of polished diamonds to private clients looking for a bespoke diamond experience.

Nungu Diamonds was founded by Mr. Kealeboga Pule in 2013. Kealeboga holds an LLB Degree from the University of North West. In 2013, prior to incorporating Nungu Diamonds Kealeboga was trained in rough diamond polishing, valuation and pricing by South African Diamond Corporation (SAFDICO) a De Beers Sightholder.

Kealeboga has served in the executive committee of the South African Diamond Manufacturers Association and co-founded the South African Young Diamond Beneficiators Guild; he currently serves as its Vice President.

He has also served in other capacities in the industry including in the steering committee of the South African Diamond Indaba and as a founding member of the International Young Diamantaires


Ursula Pule started her career in the creative industry, she finished top 6 of her graduating class at The North West School of Design in 2007. A true creative, with a great eye, it’s no surprise her vast knowledge and experience would give her a sustainable competitive advantage as Creative Director for Nungu Diamonds. .

Just three years into the diamond business she was invited the De Beers Group to be on the panel of international judges for their bi-annual De Beers Shining Light Awards 2019/20 Jewelery Competition.

Ursula Pule formally joined the company in 2016 working along with her husband Kealeboga Pule, founder of Nungu Diamonds.

She was recently featured in a Female Leaders article in Leadership Magazine.


Nungu Diamond (Pty) Ltd holds a Diamond Beneficiation license; issued by the South African Diamonds and Precious Metals Regulator (SADPMR).

The Diamond Beneficiation license permits Nungu Diamonds to purchase rough diamonds from diamond mining companies and/or from any diamond supplier that is accredited or endorsed by the SADPMR and complies with the Kimberley Process. This guarantees that Nungu Diamonds only trades in conflict-free natural diamonds.


Nungu Diamonds seeks to change the world-diamond-narrative by refocusing the diamond consumer back to the reason ‘why’ we have diamonds; the source of each diamond’s origin, the diamond’s provenance. With each diamond we sell, our clients become co-authors in the individual stories of each diamond mined, cut, polished and set in bespoke jewellery. Each diamond as individual and unique as the individual customer that wears it!


Integrity is the cornerstone on which Nungu Diamonds has built itself into a supplier-of-choice for each one of our clients, seeking an authentic diamond experience. With Provenance, Substance and Authenticity as our core value drivers, every Nungu Diamond sold provides the answer to the ’why’ behind the purchase. "