Nungu Diamonds is a client of De Beers Sightholders Sales South Africa under De Beers’ Diamond Beneficiation Enterprise Development Project. De Beers SSSA supplies Nungu Diamonds with a bespoke supply of rough diamonds on the basis that Nungu Diamonds identifies markets and distribution channels.

Nungu Diamonds is a Growth & Transformation client of the State Diamond Trader; a priority client segment of emerging South African Black owned diamond manufacturing companies. Nungu Diamond has been a State Diamond Trader client since 2013.

Kealeboga Pule is a founding member and Vice President of South African Young Diamond Beneficiators Guild - SAYDGB. As an Industry Association, the South African Young Diamond Beneficiators Guild is geared to serve as the mouthpiece of the small and emerging manufacturers in the diamond beneficiation industry with a keen focus on creating enterprise growth and development opportunities for its members.